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Free-Toolbar-Powered Application – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of a software application (“Application”) that was created using the Free-Toolbar platform (http://www.Free-Toolbar.com/) by one of your favorite brands or web publishers (“Publisher”) directly or indirectly, and explains how Free-Toolbar Ltd. and its affiliates (together, “Free-Toolbar”, “we” or “us”) treats your information, and protects your privacy, when you use the Application. The Application may include various features and content that are offered and delivered to you by the Publisher or other third parties, such as: news, messages, games, as well as features and content that you may choose to add (“Content”).

The following are the privacy practices of Free-Toolbar and our policy for third parties to comply with when they provide you with Content that is included, directly or indirectly in the Application:

  1. Information Collection and Use – it is not necessary for you to provide any Personally Identifiable Information to use the Application. “Personally Identifiable Information” is information that identifies an individual including your login credentials to a third party website, name, postal address, and email address.

    • Usage Data. The Application collects unidentifiable and non-personal data (for example, Application generated User IDs, search queries, and Application usage data, all of which do not include Personally Identifiable Information) to enable quality assurance, improve the quality of the services and provide anonymous reporting for internal and external customers. You may choose not to send Application usage data at any time from the Application Options dialog box.

      Additionally, the Application uses cookies to identify and save various pieces of information about your use of the Application and of certain features of the Application. For instance, when you access the Application download and installation screen(s), we use Cookies to automatically record information that your browser sends to install the Application according to your preferences. These Cookies can be removed or blocked altogether by following the help file directions on your Internet browser. You may always customize the Application according to your preferences by using the Options dialog box of the Application. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that a website places on your device’s browser while you are viewing a website.


  • Search Data. As part of the functionality available on the Application, we may offer you search features provided by us and/or other third parties. Additionally, we may use Cookies in the web search services we provide to you.  These Cookies collect and store information about your search activity when you use our web search services. This information may be shared with third party applications that use search data to function or to offer you more customized information and services. The information collected and stored by these Cookies may include Personally Identifiable Information, depending on your search query.  For instance, if you search your own name Personally Identifiable Information would be included in the search query.  By using the search features provided by us, you are consenting to grant Free-Toolbar permission to use Cookies regarding your use of web search. 

  • Additional Services. Free-Toolbar may share the information it receives from the Cookies with other third parties in order to serve you ads and provide you with relevant offers and services. We may combine the web search information with other non-personally identifiable Application information (as further detailed above) and if we do, some of the otherwise non-personally identifiable Application information may become personally identifiable information. 

    In addition, an Application also take the form of apps, buttons or gadgets that we created for your enjoyment If these Applications will require any access, collection, use or sharing of your information – both your Personally Identifiable Information and non- Personally Identifiable Information,  we will ask for your permission prior to having access to your information.


  • Browsing Data. The Application may also collect and store information about your web browsing locally on your device.  This locally saved information may interact with the Application and send us information about your web browsing so we can suggest services or provide you ads that may be more relevant to you. Only generalized inferences are passed from the Application to our servers.


  • Corporate Action. In the event Free-Toolbar goes through a business transition such as a merger, acquisition by another company, bankruptcy, or sale of all or a portion of our assets, your information may be among the assets transferred.

  1. Third Party Content – the Publisher or you may choose to add Content to the Application. The Content may be in the form of apps, buttons, gadgets and others means that are provided to you by third parties. The use of these third parties’ Content is subject to their privacy policies.

    In addition, Free-Toolbar, as a platform provider, provides the Publisher and other third parties with a large number of tools to enable them to create interesting and unique apps, buttons and gadgets using the Free-Toolbar platform.  Some of these tools may give these third parties the ability to access, collect, store and/or share your information – both your Personally Identifiable Information and non- Personally Identifiable Information.  We require these third parties to ask for your consent to access, collect, store or share your information prior to having access to it. If you have any questions about the Third Party Content, please contact these third parties before using and/or activating their apps.

  2. Social Networks - You may also choose to activate additional features that provide you with the ability to update and use your favorite social networks directly from the Application. During such activation you will be asked to grant Free-Toolbar permission to compile certain information from such social network systems. This information may include friends or contacts lists, notes and updates and photos, and may be used by Free-Toolbar to customize the Content of your Application, suggest new features and Content that may be relevant to you or provide Free-Toolbar with data for statistical purposes. The information you allow Free-Toolbar to access is that which is presented to you when you choose to activate these features. If you elect to permit Free-Toolbar to access this information, Free-Toolbar may be able to see and use this information and such action may change your preexisting privacy settings, however Free-Toolbar does not have control over privacy settings in your social network account. Please see your social network provider policies for any questions or concerns. It is important to note that Free-Toolbar does not sell or rent Personal Identifiable Information it compiles to any third parties. Free-Toolbar may provide non-identifiable, general statistical and demographic information to its Publishers from time to time. You may opt not to grant Free-Toolbar access to your social network account(s) at any time by changing your social network settings or by not authorizing Free-Toolbar access.

  3. Third Party Websites and Offers. Each Application includes a new search box for your use and enjoyment. In addition, while installing the Application, you may voluntarily opt to change your home page, other search related preferences, add components, receive notifications, offers or enable other features provided to you by the Publisher or other third parties. You can agree or disagree to receive these options. If you disagree, those options will not be activated. Please note that while visiting a website, third parties, including Free-Toolbar, can detect whether or not an Application is installed in your browser.

  4. Uninstall – you can uninstall the Application or Content that is embedded on it at any time. To uninstall Content simply go to the Application Options dialog box, and to uninstall the Application just use the standard uninstall processes that are available as part of your operating system, your Internet browser or similar software uninstall options (for example: add/remove programs in Windows, Add-on removal in Firefox, etc.).

  5. Deactivation – you can deactivate the Application by using the standard deactivation features available in your Internet browser (for example: by clicking the "View" menu in your browser selecting the name of the Application and then clicking on it).

  6. Control over Preferences – you have full control over the Application and can modify your preferences at any time (including the Content you have added to the Application), from the Options dialog box of the Application.

  7. Report – if you have any concerns while using the Application, or if you believe that your privacy right has been violated, please contact us by email at: [email protected].

  8. Updates – from time to time we may update this privacy policy. We encourage you to visit and review this policy frequently to stay informed.